Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday Boutique Sale Continues!

Mary Lou's Vintage Couture Holiday Boutique Sale with Vintage Clothing & Hand Designed Vintage Jewelry...featuring LOVE CLOTHING! LOVE will be offering discounted prices so come on by & save on your favorite items! Give the gift of LOVE this Holiday season! :)

930 W. 16th St. D-1, Costa Mesa, CA. 92627
Dec. 15th & 16th from 10am-8pm

We'd LOVE to have you there!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Holiday Boutique Sale

Mary Lou's Vintage Couture Holiday Boutique Sale with Vintage Clothing & Hand Designed Vintage Jewelry...featuring LOVE CLOTHING! LOVE will be offering discounted prices so come on by & save on your favorite items! Give the gift of LOVE this Holiday season! :)

930 W. 16th St. D-1, Costa Mesa, CA. 92627
Dec. 9th & 10th from 9am-5pm

We'd LOVE to have you there!!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Customers in LOVE...

Send me your pics and I'll add you to my blog! Here's a few of my amazing customers in their new LOVE CLOTHING! Thanks really are the bomb diggity! :)

Just in time for the holidays!

For 1 week only all LOVE CLOTHING will be 15% OFF at Etsy On Sale! Make sure to stop by and grab up your favorite pieces while these discounted prices last! Sale starts Sunday 11/28 @ 1:00pm and ends Sunday 12/5 @ 12:00am. All custom orders will ship 3 days after purchase to ensure arrival for Christmas! Give the gift of LOVE this holiday season...everybody needs to be LOVED! ;)

Just click on the link below & have fun shopping!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Vending in Newport Beach!

LOVE CLOTHING is happy to announce that we will be vending at The Inspired Buyer 2010. The Inspired Buyer is a one-day sustainable shopping event showcasing the finest environmentally and socially conscious businesses in the region. Geared specifically for the upcoming holiday season, the event will also include leading experts as they demonstrate to attendees how they can personally create, design, and/or cook their own eco-friendly holiday gifts. Taking place at the Environmental Nature Center in Newport Beach, complimentary guided tours will be given throughout the day, along with childrens activities and live music, and healthy food and drinks available for purchase. The entire event will be run off of solarpower and is free to attend.

Produced by, The Inspired Buyer event benefits the nonprofit organization’s environmental education programs for high school and university students,as well as businesses. The mission of is simple: to bring structure and clarity to the sustainability movement, so that we can help empower and inspire people to make lifestyle choices, seek opportunities, and use their influence in ways that positively impact our world. The organization is committed to fostering a non-political movement that strives to find common ground between people from all walks of life.

Come on out and join us in supporting this amazing event! We'd LOVE to have you there!

1601 16th Street
Newport Beach, CA.
Sunday November 21st - 11:00 - 5:00pm

A special thanks to Jesse & Chrissy for bringing the community together to raise awareness and for supporting the local artists! LOVE CLOTHING is honored to be included!

~Connect, Create, Sustain~

Friday, November 5, 2010

Vending in Costa Mesa tomorrow!

One more day until the Vintage & Handmade Marketplace! There's going to be live music, great food & some amazing vendors! Featuring unique items from a variety of local ETSY Artisans including LOVE CLOTHING! Shopping, food & live music...what more could you ask for? :)


BEHIND THE PICKET FENCE- Vintage & Handmade Marketplace
(Corner of HARBOR & ADAMS)
1720 Adams Ave.
Costa Mesa, CA.
Saturday Nov. 6th from 9am-4pm

Hope to see you there!!! :-)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Thank you Jen & Joe!

So every other Friday &/or Saturday night my sister, Jen, and her boyfriend, Joe, hit the club for some salsa dancing. Now, salsa is not my thing at all, but every now and then I let them drag me out of my house and take me along.  I have to say that watching them dance and seeing how much fun they're having is truly contagious and fills me with joy & laughter. It's not so fun, however, having to turn down every person who comes up to me asking me to dance & say, "sorry! I don't dance", I apologize guys! Nor, having to convince people that I'm not my sister we just look a lot alike! But what I do love is spending time with my big sis when she's doing what she loves most & I wouldn't trade it for the world!

One particular night a year ago I really didn't feel like going out but sure enough Jen & Joe showed up at my door and wouldn't take no for an answer. She had this funny feeling that the Entertainment Coordinator, Rodrigo, would fall in love with me when he met me. I had absolutely no intention of meeting anyone especially someone in the salsa scene as it's just not my bag! But I did go with an open mind...I remember thinking to myself that just because it's salsa doesn't mean that their isn't someone amazing who could be there. After that thought- I let it go & when she introduced me to her friend at 1st I didn't even remember what she had said about him. I shook his hand, said hello with my big smile and walked away. Now, at this time I was getting hit on by every Tom, Dick & Harry and had heard just about every line a person could drop. But Rodrigo said to my sister that I seemed really "nice" & that was one I hadn't heard before. Most men 1st comment about the way or look and it gets worse from there. The fact that he said I seemed nice intrigued me so I sat down and had a conversation with the devastatingly handsome Spaniard...

A year later, all I can say is, LOVE is BLISS! Never have I been loved by someone so whole heartedly and never have I loved someone so utterly & completely! And on Monday...he will be the only man I will ever love for the rest of my life! :) Who knew? Having the open mind and open heart...I feel I truly manifested this man. My sister would tell you "if it wasn't for me they wouldn't know one another" and that's true also! So that's why I say "Thank you Jen & Joe" for introducing me to the greatest LOVE of my LIFE and for all of the amazing support you've given us! The love, friendship & support I have from my big sisters is never ending & everyday I'm amazed by it!

...On a side sister just temporarily moved her boutique to an online store until she finds a new location. If you love brands like Free People, Chaser LA, Funky People, Lauren Moshi & many, many more...please check out her online boutique and show your support:

She also has an online vintage boutique that happens to be one of my favorite places to shop. For incredible vintage clothing visit her online store:

...Along with her online stores my sister is one of the best real estate agents in the county! If you're looking for a new home...send my sister your contact information to Her talents amaze me and I learn something new from her everyday! I LOVE you jen..always & forever!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Posted some new items on Etsy

Here's a few items that just went up...stop by the site and have a look around!


More to come soon! :-)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I LOVE you Zha!

So, in case you didn't know, my sister is my pride and joy! Every wednesday night we get together and take pictures of the new jewelry she's created. As soon as we're done taking pics we grab our magz, our sudoku books, a couple pens & some drinks and her family and I gather in the back yard for pow wow time! Neal, her husband, supplies the backround tunes for us to vibe to while Zhanine and I contest to see who can finish the soduko puzzle the quickest...she always wins...but that's not to say I don't try! Our little ritual has made wednesday night my favorite night of the week! :-)

I'm just so proud of my sister and her amazing creativity! She's always wanted to make jewelry and with a little push from her little sis...I'm truly amazed at how far she's come! Her earrings, rings, necklaces, and my favorite, the head pieces...are so beautiful and unique that ZhanineBJewelry has become the only jewelry I wear! Her pieces can be found on her Etsy site:

Her stuff sells like crazy off-line so be sure to check out her website for your chance to have some of this beautiful one-of-a-kind jewelry! Oh! & If you're coming out to the Vintage & Handmade Marketplace then you will get to try some of these pieces on in person...yay!

Monday, October 25, 2010

LOVE-CLOTHING is vending in Costa Mesa...YAY!

Behind the Picket Fence is a new vintage & handmade marketplace happening right here in my home town. If you're an Orange County local and want to come check it out be sure to stop by! Here's the info:

Piecemakers Village Parking Lot
1720 Adams Avenue
Costa Mesa, CA. 92627
Saturday, November 6th from 9:00am - 4:00pm
The show is held rain or shine!
Check out the blog at

Kimberly Topete, who is putting on the event, also has a shop on Esty called The Almond Branch! Her stuff is just adorable! Here's a link to her site...please be sure to check it out:

Thank you Kimberly for bringing together the community to share in the amazing world of vintage & handmade items! Thank you especially for including LOVE-CLOTHING!!!

Can't wait to see all of you there! ;-)

PeAcE & LOVE always, jilly